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Polka Dot Mania

Polka dot pattern as a source of inspiration.

This fashion illustration series inspired by polka dot pattern. Models in polka dot dress, polka dot blouse and even polka dot pants shown in the art artwork.

About artistic media and technique of the "Polka Dot Mania" illustration.

This illustration was originated as a pencil drawing and digitally rendered into an art print. Polka dot pattern has digitally added to the original artwork to reach desirable art effect. The art media of this artwork is mixed media, digital original.

"Polka Dot Mania" artworks series is available for print and art licensing.

All prints will be available for open edition prints. Please request additional information by filling this form if you are interested in ordering a print. The artwork is available for licensing via ArtVisions™. Please request information about licensing terms using this form.

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Polka Dot ManiaPolka Dot ManiaPolka Dot Mania

Fashion illustration series "Polka Dot Mania." Digitally rendered sketches. A fusion of abstract polka dot inspired pattern and ruffled fashion silhouettes.