Ivanova Studio

Art, illustration and books by Irina V. Ivanova.

Irina V. Ivanova and her studio

Irina V. Ivanova is a Florida-based educator, fashion illustrator, and visual artist. Irina delights in merging her versatile professional life experiences in a blend of fashion, art, and teaching.

As a fashion illustrator, Irina combines her profound knowledge of clothing design with artistry. In her books, Irina balancing creative and technical aspects of fashion process.

Art and fashion in Irina V. Ivanova's book

Art and fashion merged in Irina's books helping each other for the benefit of a reader. Her books are not just "beautiful" books about fashion. Irina's books are practical guides on fashion subjects and collection of practical resources articulated with artistic talent and illustration skill. Her fashion drawing books are real-world practical and, in the meantime, artistically stylish way.

Art and illustration by Irina V. Ivanova

As a professional illustrator and trained visual artist. Irina exhibited her paintings and illustrations in multiple art shows, illustrated for a major publishing house and represented as a visual artist by fine art licensing agency.

In her artwork, Irina merges her fashion designer's sense of style with mastery in various fine art and illustration media.

As a visual artist, Irina uses a multiplicity of art forms freely fusing various art mediums, techniques, and methods. Irina's paintings, illustrations, and collages are stylistically diverse but always with a unique sense of style. Her favorite art medium: watercolor, pencil, and collage very often with a "digital touch."

Irina works from her art studio in Hallandale Beach, Florida, creating visual art and producing fashion design publishing projects.

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